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Virtual Classrooms across the Bluegrass

Recently an article about virtual learning discussed how Kentucky Schools are using technology to connect with homeschool students. It is estimated that over 20,000 students in Kentucky are homeschooled. Across the state, many Counties are incentivizing students to take online courses and programs within the district. These programs allow students to take courses that mirror the curriculum their public school peers are taking. It also allows the County to receive state funding for those students as if they were enrolled in the classroom. While a teacher is still assigned to the online student, the virtual classroom allows for more students to receive instruction with less overhead and staff.

Some of the benefits of online schooling are:

• Online school provides 24/7 accessibility to course materials

• Online courses allow students to work at their own pace and offer accommodations for different learning styles

• Online school allows for more socialization than traditional homeschool

• Online school, compared to traditional homeschools, allows homeschool student to experience a variety of different teaching styles

Regardless of what path a parent chooses for their student (homeschool, online school, public or private school) the variety of options made available by technology is exciting and growing at a fast pace.