David Kloiber

David took over the family foundation with the intention of merging two passions: technology and education. During his tenure, his primary focus has been to provide innovative and effective methods to improve public education with a concentration on technological literacy.  David believes strongly that there is a direct correlation between familiarity with new advancements and an improved chance of success for our growing youths. In pursuit of this goal, the foundation’s resources have been directed towards both an increase in the technological infrastructure and the creation of a structured partnership in the district.  It is his belief that with these tools in place, we will be in a prime position to help administrators and educators directly address the implementation of new technologies to meet the specialized needs of each school and their students.

Nicholas England
In 2013, Nic jumped at the opportunity to join Kloiber Foundation and apply his years of management experience to charity. Nic especially enjoys the relationship he has developed with Fayette County Public Schools and seeing firsthand the difference The Kloiber Foundation is making in young scholars’ lives. Working with educators to provide resources they never thought possible and implementing programs they previously could only dream of to meet the needs of their students makes his work a real pleasure.

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