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Computer Science Classes Absent from Most Schools
In an article on NPR several non-profits quote surprising figures in the availability of computer science classes for primary and secondary students in the U.S. Considering the degree to which technology has become integrated into our lives, not to mention the direct application to college and career readiness, I find the stats surprising. While being able to code obviously isn’t necessary to live in today’s world, basic knowledge of the subject seems as seminal as the subjects that are currently de riguer.

From the article Hadi Partovi, co-founder of the nonprofit says “Just like we teach how electricity works and biology basics, they should also know how the Internet works and how apps work. Schools need to add this to the curriculum.” Should the types of learning described in the article be required in public schools? Not quite yet, but should our children at least have the option to study in an area that is only going to grow and become more intrinsic in so many careers in our nation’s future? There are possibilities to be explored here.