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HAITI, MAY, 2010 – The suffering in Haiti during the months following the earthquake continues into the hot and humid summer. One of the greatest immediate needs is still medical care, both long-term and emergency care.

Kloiber Foundation recently purchased 7 Aurora 20kVA diesel generators to power trusted medical relief efforts already in place in and around Port Au Prince.

“We wanted to give them something that could be incorporated into the infrastructure. A permanent solution with immediate benefits.” said David Kloiber, Foundation President. “Aurora worked with us as did Operation US and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, who chartered a 767 for us to fly the generators down there. This has been a real alliance of compassion.”

The generators will be given to St. Damien’s Pediatric Hospital, Partners in Health and International Medical Corps. St. Damien’s, even though still structurally sound, has had to move all of their patients into the driveway and courtyard areas because of the government mandate that no one should be inside. The UN is providing them with tents, and the generators will help power the fans, lights and hospital equipment for the patients.

Partners in Health has been in Haiti for over 20 years and has an outstanding reputation for working to improve the health of the poor through education, prevention and treatment.

International Medical Corps utilizes volunteer doctors, nurses and other health professionals to save lives and relieve suffering in the world’s poorest areas.

We’re proud to be providing a boost of power where it’s most needed to people of care in a difficult environment.