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Study on Sharing iPads

An article on brings forth an interesting new study which shows that for the kindergartners monitored, sharing tablets with classmates resulted in better literacy scores than the kids with 1:1 or no tablets. The assumption many people make is that if tablets or laptops are shown to improve learning, it must be more effective for each student to have their own. This study indicates that for this age level using this particular interface, that is not the case.

As explained in the article, this makes a great deal of sense. For kids this age, the interaction, discussion, negotiation, and collaborative learning that goes on around the device is an important opportunity to boost their learning as well as build skills to aid in their learning in the future. It also makes sense that this type of learning structure with these devices would probably not translate equally to older students who have presumably already built the skills that collaboration at that age does. Then again, that’s a study I’d like to see as well.